Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Stunning Batman Engagement Ring

bat wedding ring

If you're a geek and you want a ring that's precious in more ways than one, this 14K white gold wedding ring with Batman symbols and diamond accents is definitely one way to go.

It was made by jewelry designer Takayas Mizuno and, while his work averages in the $2600 range, it's all custom made and designed just for you.

His bio on Custom Made notes that "at the heart of each Takayas creation is a desire for each piece to be treasured over generations" and it definitely seems he's more than happy to work with all sorts of people to create a wedding ring that's just perfect for the occasion.

The beautiful thing about his work is just how varied it is. .50 ct Hello Kitty rings share space with more standard rings and pendants and an 18ct South Sea pearl ring that looks like something a mermaid princess would wear.

Check out more pictures of his work after the break.


hello kitty




Product Page (Custom Pricing via When Geeks Wed)

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