Thursday, July 31, 2014

Funny Humor Photo: Dogs Dressed in Batman & Robin Costumes

I have a good friend who is known as "Weezee Mule" over at the 1966 Batman Message Board ( his real name is Mike ). It's a nickname he uses & every single time I read it I totally crack-up, ha ha! The other day he sent me some really wonderful photos of his personal Batman Toy Collection, which is completely insane ( there's a ton of great stuff ), & I plan on posting those later, but for right now I wanted to showcase one photo that was sort of different & kind of stood out on it's own. These are his 2 family dogs dressed up like Batman & Robin! I love the expression on their canine faces. They seem sort of embarassed a little bit, ha ha! But they look pretty cool in their outfits & the photo is extremely funny. Now, I did mention he has an awesome toy collection & I'll be sharing those later. You won't want to miss those so please be sure to visit us again real soon for those. Also, I wanna thank Mike for sending all the great pics, I really appreciate that Mr. Weezee Mule!

Video: Batman The Brave and The Bold Action Figure TV Commercial Ad Spot

Santa Monica-based Blissium, a leading motion graphics design and editorial agency, hired 8fish to create a detailed 2D animated TV commercial launching a new line of Batman action figures and toys. Using Flash and Photoshop, 8fish created the commercial in the same style as the Batman: The Brave and the Bold series currently airing on the Cartoon Network . The spot seamlessly blends animation with live action. 8fish is an award-winning creative production studio in Sandy, Utah.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


OK KIDS! It's "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" again & it's time to present some Batman-themed Wallpapers you can use to brighten your desktop or use as a background in your MySpace layout. Both of these were generously contributed by 2 good friends of the Bat-Blog who also happen to be extremely talented graphic artists too! Their names are Chris Mason & Sean Hartter. Chris did the 1st one which is an original drawing he did of Adam West from the 1966 TV Show. It's totally wonderful! The crisp clean line are really sharp & this thing almost looks like a photo, very realisitic. The 2nd one is just as great & with this one Sean imagined "what if.." the 1989 Batman movie was released during the Victorian era? What would the advertisement poster for the film look like back then? Well, here it is!! I love the total "vintage look", it's very interesting, & a totally original idea too. Right now I wanna thank both of them for sending in such cool stuff. Thanks guys! If there are any other readers who would like to contribute then, hey, just contact us today...thanks again!

Cute Baby Photo: Batman Max & Batgirl Dena!

Who's the cutest Little Batman & Little Batgirl in the whole-wide world? You two children are, Yes you are! Ha Ha, I really love getting family photos like this sent to me. These 2 little kids are so sweet & cute. This is Max & Dena wearing their Batman and Batgirl T-Shirts! Now, Max has been on the Bat-Blog before, so he's already had his 15 minutes of fame, but this is the first time for Miss Dena & NOW she is the star too! Thank you to the proud parents for sending us this pic, it's wonderful. They are so cute.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fred Hembeck's Comic Book Art Now on eBay!

OK, People who know me know how I totally LOVE the special art style of FRED HEMBECK! He's is easily a comic book nerd's favorite artist. He's been around for a long time & anybody who has ever read a comic book has had to have seen his work at least once. Well, now he's selling original pieces of his art on eBay! In fact, this Batman graphic is on right now ( But it's ending very soon so be quick if ya want it ). But, in case ya miss it, just be sure to search "Fred Hembeck" & look for the seller FREDHEMBECK because that's him & it's your chance to get an original piece of art from the master! Also, while there, be sure to check out his new book that he should be offering & get a signed copy!

Video: Dusty Lane's Batman Memorabilia Collection

Here's an interesting video done by Dusty Lane. As you will soon see, Dusty is a Super-Batman Fanatic & Collector! He's been collecting Batman Toys & Collectibles for a very long time & is just now starting to get a room together to display his stuff. His "Batcave" is not yet complete but in this video we get to see some of his personal collection of Posters, Toys, Action Figures, Statues, Autographed Photos, & way more! I always love seeing how other people display their stuff so please enjoy! Oh yeah, if any other Bat-Blog Readers have a nice display then please send us some photos to share, thanks.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Amazing 3D Animation Video Tribute To Carmine Infantino's Iconic Batman & Robin Image

Up above is a Batman and Robin Desktop Wallpaper with artwork by Carmine Infantino. I've included it here to remind everyone of what it looks like because down below is a 3D Computer Animation of this iconic comic book image from the 1960's Silver Age. As soon as I saw this on YouTube I knew it had to be shared on the Bat-Blog, it's pretty cool!