Sunday, April 13, 2014

BATMAN 1:2 Scale ART BUST STATUE - New Custom Paint Job

OK, here's sort of a sad story but with a happy ending. Shown here are 3 photos of an excellent Batman Art Bust Statue ( Large 1:2 Scale ). But many of you who are familiar with this piece, made by DC Direct, is gonna say, "Hey, the colors are all wacky!" Ha Ha! Well, this Bat-Statue is owned by our friend Dallas & he had to have it both restored & repainted. Why? Because his small Son accidentally knocked this thing off a table & broke it in a few places leaving obvious damage. The nose was now gone & the cowl had broken areas. He had a friend fix it for him & since it was going to need to be repainted they decided to make it the traditional blue instead of the original black color. WOW! The statue now looks really great! Dallas' friend did a great job on it. The "blue" was an interesting choice & sort of reminds me of the older Silver Age Batman...very cool! ( Thanks to Dallas for sending us the cool pics ).

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