Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Breaking News: Batman's BATMOBILE CAR Spotted on Highway 95 North!

OK, These photos are pretty funny and, yes, it might be a situation where "you had to be there", but I think it's totally hilarious! These 2 pics were sent in by our friend Dave who said he was just traveling down the street when all of a sudden he & his Wife saw Batman's Car going down the street!! He explains it a lot better than me so here's what he wrote:
"My wife & I were heading back from the Chiller Theater Convention in New Jersey on Halloween Night and we spotted a Batmobile driving on 95 North through Connecticut! My wife Nancy tried taking a pic through my driver's window, then we caught a better pic on the passenger's side, making me MISS the exit for 95 North to Rhode Island! We were able to get back on the highway and make it home, but it was worth the pic. This gentleman driving the Batmobile looks like he modified his black Corvette with reflective tape, the Batman shield, and this gentleman actually painted and detailed the foam wings! I hope you enjoy the pics!"
Enjoy the pics? Oh man, these pics are GREAT! I also think the story is pretty funny too like how you missed your exit just to get a photo...Ha Ha! Thanks so much for sharing your story & almost risking your life. It WAS worth it!!

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