Thursday, June 26, 2014

Halloween Costumes: THE BAT AND THE CAT!

Here's an extremely professional-looking photo of our friends Dallas & his lovely Wife. I mean, they must have gone to some Commercial Photography Studio or something! Anyway, the pic is really great & so are the costumes ( Please click on the photo for a larger pic ). This is from Halloween last year when they were Batman ( Modern-Day Comic Book version ) & Catwoman ( artist - Jim Balent ). I have always loved this "Purple Cat-Suit" version of Catwoman but right now I think I am liking it even more, ha ha! Well, both costumes are awesome. I usually put a cheap plastic halloween mask on & I'm ready to go. Looking at this pic you can tell that they are totally serious, that's great! ( Thanks to Dallas & his Wife for sending this to us ).

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