Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wear Sleep Safe Tape To Keep Your Snoozing a Secret

It’s not always easy to keep your eyes open in class or at work. What if you could catch some zzzs and fool everyone while doing so? Designer Sherwood Forlee came up with a solution that lets you get shut eye in complete secrecy: he made Sleep Safe Tape!

"Sleep Safe Tape is a roll of standard transparent 1/2? wide tape that has pictures of an eye printed along the length of the tape. Many situations exist where it is taboo to sleep despite the natural inclination of humans to rest their tired eyes. Examples include meetings, lectures, and conversations. With Sleep Safe Tape, users can get the shuteye they need while appearing to be wide-awake. Of course, Sleep Safe Tape is a novelty product and might not be used as advertised except by those audacious enough. Those less bold may choose to use it as a regular roll of tape."

Though this seems to be only a concept product at the moment, I can see it popping up in some of the worlds finer novelty shops—like Archie McPhee.

Check out a image of the packaging after the break.

(IT via GoA)

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