Thursday, July 24, 2014

Custom Toy: THE DARK KNIGHT JOKER-CYCLE Action Figure Vehicle!

I don't really mean for today to be "Custom Toy Day" but that's kinda how it sort of randomly happened, ha ha! But you'll like this cool post so be quiet! Our good friend Danica sent me this photo of a JOKER CYCLE that her friend Damian made. He used an older toy made by Kenner for their DARK KNIGHT action figure line. Now, back when this vintage toy was made "The Dark Knight" movie was not even an idea yet & they just called their line of Batman toys "The Dark Knight Collection". I remember when they were in retail stores & they made some really great stuff! I have especially always loved this Joker Bike & it's sort of an obscure toy today. Now the original Joker-Cycle had a HUGE "Joker Head" on the front of the motorcycle & when you hit a button it flew off like a weapon. What Damian did was replace the face with one of the "Joker Goon Masks" that came with the brand-new line of Movie Masters action figures. He also custom painted the bike a little bit to make it more modern-looking. The Joker Bank Robber Goon action figure looks pretty awesome sitting on there too! Now the photo that Danica sent was pretty BIG & plus the toy is pretty awesome so I thought it would make a great Batman Desktop Background. So, that's what I did...if you click on the picture you can open it to a size that's perfect for wallpaper. Check it out!! Thanks to both Dancia & Damian for sending the cool pic. Damian, you did an awesome custom job & this is a really clever idea, thanks.

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