Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Photos: Vintage 1970's Batman Toys & Memorabilia

Alright, alright! I know that lately the Bat-Blog has been kind of crazy over Batman Costumes, Artwork, & Crafts but the retail stores are sort of lame right now with the New Batman Merchandise so there's not much to report there. So today I decided that I gotta do a post about Old Vintage Batman Toys because "Collecting" is a major part of this fan page. So...Here we go! This selection of items are all from the 70's. The 1st photo is a hard-to-find paperback Book published by Tempo Books in 1978. It's title is "Batman's Super-Villain Mazes". I love that Joker graphic on the front. Even without showing his face you know it's him, ha ha. The next item is from around 1976. It's a MIP ( Mint-In-Package ) Batman PEZ CANDY Dispenser. But the weird thing is that this one has a Rubber-Head. Yes, most PEZ have a solid hard-plastic head but in the 1970's they experimented with a few rubber heads. Maybe it was a safety issue thing or a "make more profit" thing, who knows. They released a few different characters with these & then they stopped. This PEZ is pretty RARE, especially in the original package. The next item is probably the rarest of the whole bunch. This is the BATMAN SOFTIES DOLL made by Mego. It came out in 1974 & it's sort of just a 19" plush doll with clothing. Now, I have been an extremely serious Batman Toy Collector for over 25 years & I have NEVER even seen one of these, loose or in the box! As a Vintage Toy Dealer I have found a few of these that they made of Superman ( loose, no box ) but that's been many years ago. If one of these pops-up in your hunt then be sure to grab it, ha ha! The last item is kinda cheesy but that's a big part of it's appeal. It's one of those "Grocery Store Toys" where the only thing that makes it "collectible" is the fact that the header card has graphics of Batman & Robin. OK, Now actually, this Rocket Toy ( 1979 ) does have a Batman Sticker on it. But I bet you can never find that in decent condition. It's very cheaply made! I hope you have enjoyed some of these blasts from the past. If you're a Batman toy collector, with any size collection, then please shoot us some photos! Sharing the love of collecting is what the Bat-Blog is mainly all about!!

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