Monday, July 21, 2014

The Superheroine Monologues - A Parody Of Super Proportions

OK, If you happen to be in the Boston area next month then you will not want to miss this wacky play at the theater called "The Superheroine Monologues". It will open in the Plaza Theater at the Boston Center of the Arts on September 10th & will run until Sept 26th, 2009. The entire cast are Superheroes and Superheroines ( Both Marvel & DC Comics ) & the show is mainly from the female point of view. Now, I gotta say that I totally love this Batgirl outfit ( shown in the photo up above )! Plus, the Riddler & Penguin costumes are pretty nice too. For more information please be sure to visit their website & while there remember to enjoy some of the photos they have up. You'll see that the costumes are totally insane with great attention to detail. To visit their page just click HERE!

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