Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cons This Weekend (Oct. 26 - 28)

 (this has nothing to do with this post at all. Just Katsucon 2011...and yeah, I'll be back for 2013 )
More cons, more cons and more cons !  Eighteen cons this weekend ! Sci-fi, anime, comics and there's even a furry con ! Funny enough, there's two con within the same city - Aki Con, an anime con and SteamCon, a steampunk con are the same weekend in the city of Bellevue, WA. And the furry con I mention ? It's called Fangcon in Nashville, TN. Personally, I thought it was a horror con till I checked out their website. As always, unless otherwise noted, the con is 3 days long (Oct. 26-28)
I did toy with the idea of flying to Aki-Con but cost of flight and all - especially since I thought of it less than 2 weeks before the con....yeah, sky high prices. Ah, no worries, I'll be at Youmacon next weekend....whaaaa... you didn't know ??? Details here !
Update : GMX in Nasvhille and Spooky Empire in Orlando
Update 2 : Added Bakersfield Comic Con in Bakersfield, CA.

Aki Con (Bellevue, WA)
Annapolis Comic-Con (Annapolis, MD) Oct 27th
Bakersfield Comic Con (Bakersfield, CA) Oct 28th
Champion City Comic Con (C-4) (Springfield, OH) Oct. 27th 
Detroit FanFare (Dearborn, MI)
FAN:dom (Pensacola, FL) - Oct 27 & 28
Fanboy Expo  (Pigeon Forge, TN)
FangCon (Nashville, TN)
GMX (Nashville, TN)
Hero Bot Con (Elmira, NY) - Oct. 27th
Inland Empire Comic Con (Redlands, CA) Oct. 28th
Kansas City Super Halloween Comic Con Spectacular  (Overland Park, KS) Oct. 28th
Monsterpalooza (Burbank, CA)
Necronomicon (St. Petersburg, FL)
New Mexico Tri-Con (RioRancho, NM) Oct 27 & 28
RocCon PA (New Cumberland, PA) Oct 28th
Spooky Empire (Orlando, FL)
Steamcon (Bellevue WA)
UtopiaCon (Cincinnati, OH)
WasabiCon (Jacksonville, FL) - Oct. 27 & 28
Wizard World Austin (Austin,TX)

Which cons are you gonna be at ? And did I miss any ?

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