Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Youmacon 2012 !

Are you going to Youmacon ? Me too ! I managed to find an inexpensive flight out of Los Angeles for $131 each way. BOO-YAH ! That's a pretty good deal if I say so myself. So this is my last big con of the year and what's best is this is a con on my bucket list ! I've been meaning to go to Youmacon for a few years now and so this is my opportunity.

Youmacon is a pretty new convention relatively speaking. It started in 2005 and managed to gain attendance quickly over the years - last count it was over 10,000. Based in Detroit, MI and is one of the three biggest anime cons in the Midwest (the others are Anime Central and Ohayocon).

Now, since I can not get an artist alley table at such a short notice and I know there's many of y'all who are interested in purchasing the book, I came up with an alternative plan. Buy the book for $40 right now and I will bring your copy personally to you at Youmacon and signed it there. And give hugs. And stickers. Mostly hugs. And smiles.

So get a clicking ! Oh, by your way, make sure you put your cell phone number as well as name (if your parent is buying the book) in the notes section before checking out. I am only bringing enough copies to those who pay. I will *not* be selling any books at the con.  It's against the regulations and plus, I don't want to carry any more than I have to - imagine dragging all these books through the airport !

One more thing. It'll ask for your zip code but don't worry, shipping is zero out.

Where to find me ???

Thurs : Arrive that night ...like midnight. Yeah, that is why the fare was $131. Friday : Cosplaying as Brief (Panty & Stocking). Walk around, check out the con, take photos, do video interviews.Sat.  : Normal clothes, taking photos / video of cosplayers. I'll be out and around.

Sun. : I may be around but it will be later during the day. I may have another job while in town so there's a chance I may not even be at the con that day.

Mon : Early, early morning fly back to L.A. Yeah, that is why the fare was $131.

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at Detroit !

*dance a jig*

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