Sunday, August 24, 2014

Vintage 1960's Batman Promo Poster From Europe!

Our good friend Hans, who lives in The Netherlands, sent us this beautiful photo of an extremely RARE piece of Vintage 60's Batman Memorabilia! He wrote, " this is my latest find, a Dutch Batman & Robin Promo Poster 1967. This was a special mail-in order poster from a Dutch grocery store called Albert Heijn. If one did your shopping there you could save up for this poster." WOW! Thanks Han, this is truly super-rare & I seriously LOVE the vintage artwork! In fact, I went ahead & used your photo to make a Desktop Wallpaper ( down below ) that you, and Bat-Blog Readers, can enjoy. Plus, I posted a picture of the actual poster up's really nice! Thank you very much for sending this, I appreciate that!

CLICK HERE For More Batman Desktop Wallpaper of The Dark Knight!

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