Thursday, May 15, 2014

BOOTLEG BATMAN - Mexican Style!

In the world of serious Toy Collecting there's a small niche of Collectors known as "Bootleggers". They are people who mainly collect knock-off bootleg toys. These toys usually come from China, Hong Kong, & other places, but Mexico is one of the most popular. Here are 2 examples of "Mexican Bootleg": The 1st one totally cracks me up. It's a vinyl figure of both Batman ( sort of a "Dark Knight movie" version ) and Homer Simpson from the Simpsons TV Show cartoon... hilarious! I mean, if you're ripping off one company's trademark then why not do two, ha! Then, there are these 2 Egg-Shaped Bendy Figures of Superman & Batman... crazy! I actually really like this Batman Toy, it looks cool. Now, I gotta ask, do YOU have any weird Bootleg Batman items in your collection? If so, then please send us some pics, thanks.

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