Sunday, May 11, 2014

ROBIN ( Jason Todd ) Seen on CBS TV Game Show, Ha!

This is going to fit into "Weird & Wacky Bat-News" but it's kinda fun so follow me here. A friend of the Bat-Blog, named Travis, was channel surfing the other day & couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a guy on TV dressed as a beaten and bloodied Robin/Jason Todd! But he managed to sneak a screen shot so check out the pic! Yes! That's Jason Todd, AFTER being beaten by The Joker with a Crowbar!! Good eye Travis. Now, for people who want to see the entire episode, it's online for a limited time at the CBS website. This is the show that aired on April 15th, just click HERE! Oh yeah, as a side note, I think the "Hawaiian Girl" is kinda cute, ha!

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