Monday, May 19, 2014

R.I.P. Dick Giordano, 1932-2010

Yesterday was a very sad day for many comic book fans. A legend, an icon actually, passed away. Of course I'm talking about Dick Giordano. Mr. Giordano worked in the comic book industry most of his life. He was an incredible artist & was quite prolific. As a very young comic book fan & collector I was always drawn to his artwork. He drew many of the comic book characters that I really loved. I ALWAYS recognized his art, almost right away. He had a very unique style. It was very realistic, especially his background scenes, & always interesting. His line work was sort of fast & fluid, but he always attached a great amount of detail in a way that seemed effortless. He also created a lot of stock art that was used on paperback books, calendars, products, & other bits of marketing. So, even if you didn't read the comics he drew his art seemed to be everywhere! It saddens me to say that I never got to meet him. I know a lot of people who did & every single person has told me that he was totally great to be around, that he was very down to earth, kind to a fault, & very funny. I'll always be a fan of his work and, with his passing, I even sort of feel like I have lost a part of my childhood. So, I want to thank him personally for all of his great work & for his friends & family I hope they find some peace very soon. He will be missed by many many people. R.I.P Dick Giordano, 1932 - 2010. As sort a side note I would like to tell people that the picture down below is a "Tribute Wallpaper" I made last night. Please feel free to use it to remember this great man, thanks.

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