Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The DC STUNT COALITION: Where Cosplay and Stuntwork Meet!

There has been a rise of creative cosplay videos being combined with other art forms such as music and parkour. Recently, we interviewed Dylan Hintz of the DC Stunt Coalition about the art of stuntmaking at Otakon 2013. The DC Stunt Coalition is a place where anyone can join if they are interested in learning (and especially participating) at how some of the great stunts we see on television and in the theaters are performed. Our first video is with the co-Founder Dylan Hintz explaining all about the DC Stunt Coalition, as well a video with a Cammy cosplayer kicking butt and a video of a Riddick cosplayer taking down Drogo of Game of Thrones!

And as a bonus, we also interviewed Hollywood stuntwoman Angela Meryl (Kill Bill) about what it takes to make it in the business.

Interview conducted by Spectra Cosplay. Additional footage used in these videos was supplied courtesy of Dylan Hintz.

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