Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jake The Dog Makes For a Beautiful Engagement Ring


There is just no end to the cool geeky engagement rings people have been making lately. This one was designed by comic creator Josh Adams who was inspired by this R2-D2 design to come up with something special for his proposal to girlfriend Saori. Josh worked with the same artist behind the R2-D2 ring, Paul Bierker to turn Jake from Adventure Time into a symbol of true love.

The ring was even spotted by Adventure Time creator Pendelton Ward who commented on its coolness on his twitter feed:

@joshadams : 0 holy cow that's amazing

- Pendleton Ward (@buenothebear) August 19, 2013

What's more, Josh is having matching wedding bands made (with his ring being Jake's butt) and they plan to exchange vows in New York City during New York Comic-Con. I know, the level of geekery is nearly unbeatable.

See another picture after the break...


(via The Mary Sue)

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