Thursday, February 20, 2014

Final Fantasy X: Yuna and Tidus

final fantasy x cosplay - yuna and tidus

Now here is a scene recreation I am familiar with... I've never played Final Fantasy before, but I saw this scene in a game convention. The only difference between the game scene and this one is that in the game, Tidus and Yuna were in the water at night... Here, the picture was taken during the day... Probably because the water looks really, really cold right now, what more during the night?

I think Yuna's crying more for the fact that her beautiful cosplay costume is now all wet, than the scene recreation itself. I would cry if my photographer were to tell me I needed to get my costume ruined for the sake of a shot. T_T But that is just me... And besides, this cosplay is great! Definitely one for the books!

EDIT: Thanks again to SoL for letting me know the Yuna in this picture is Shibata Ina aka "Shiba"!

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