Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Awhile back, here at the Bat-Blog, we featured some Batman/Joker Tattoo Art Photos that had been sent in by a reader named Luis. If you read that post then you might remember that I said he sent us more photos & here are 2 more. The 1st one is a picture of Luis with his lovely wife. For their wedding day he designed some special wedding rings that he had custom-made. OK, you might have to click on the photo for a larger version (where you can see the details) but the 2nd picture is a close-up photo of the actual wedding rings. If you look very closely you can see THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie Bat-Symbol Logo on both of them. Now, how cool is that?! Any woman who would allow "Batman" on her wedding ring is certainly worth marrying, ha ha! I wanna wish them all the best & really, they do seem like a very nice couple. Luis, hang on to her, she's a "keeper"!

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