Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fisher Price Imaginext DC SUPER FRIENDS - ROBIN With BATCYCLE!

Just a quick posting here. This is a pic sent in by our good friend Batmobilly! He said he just saw this action figure at Wal-Mart & it's sort of a very hard one to find so he took a picture. It's the ROBIN WITH BATCYCLE from the Fisher Price Imaginext DC SUPER FRIENDS toy line. Later, I told Billy that one day I was at Toys-R-Us. They had a HUGE area for all this great DC SUPER FRIENDS Action Figure stuff ( Vehicles, Play Sets, Figures, everything! ). There was a TON of toys & it took-up almost 1/2 the row. Out of curiosity I started to add-up all the prices in my head. Just to buy all the stuff they had that one day it would have cost like $300 dollars! The thing to keep in mind is that this is not even all the toys they have made ( or will make ). Not even close. Plus some other stores have "Exclusives", etc... So, I guess if you're like me & can't afford to buy it all ( I tend to be a "Completest Collector" ) then at least just get the few pieces that you really like. Well, this ROBIN figure with Bat-Cycle would go on that list because it's really cool!

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