Thursday, May 29, 2014


OK, anybody who has been reading my Bat-blog for longer than 2 weeks has got to know that I am totally crazy for the cool Vintage Batman Toys! To be honest that's the total reason I created this blog. I know we try to cover all the Brand-New Products, Merchandise, & other Batman-Related News but it's the "Vintage Stuff" I'm really goo-goo for! Here's just a small example of some really great "Super-Rare" Memorabilia I have seen lately. The 1st item is a 1960's BATMAN Inflatable Pool Toy. I love both the Retro-Style Graphic & the shape of the thing. You know this would be really cool to hang on the wall for display! The next item is awesome too & beyond super-rare! It belongs to a Good Friend named Saul & he said he's been looking for this thing for many years. It's a Wooden Skateboard with Cool Batman Artwork. It was made by the Mettoy Company in England back in 1966. Yeah, this was only sold in the UK & is ultra-hard-to-find! I mean, it's practically a "Museum-Piece". He said it's one of his favorite pieces in his collection & that really means a lot because he has a TON of incredible bat-stuff from all over the world. The last pic is something that's not as rare but it's still pretty cool. It's an old 45 rpm Record with The Penguin telling a story with Burgess Meredith's actual voice. The graphics on the Record Sleeve are really great stock art drawn by Carmine Infantino & it also has an actual photo from the TV Show, all in one. Whew! I hope you guys liked some of these pics & if you have any ultra-rare pieces of Bat-Memorabilia you would like to share then please send us a photo today! Our e-mail button is always on the top right-hand side of this page.

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