Wednesday, August 13, 2014

BAT-BLOG CONTEST WINNER: The Boy Wonder, My Life In Tights Autographed Book # 1

HOLY WEBSITE PROMOTION, BATMAN! This posting here is to announce the first winner of "The Boy Wonder Autographed Book # 1" in the Burt Ward Website Promotion Contest. For new readers unfamiliar with this thing basically the Bat-Blog teamed-up with TV's Robin, The Boy Wonder, to spread the news about his brand-new website. The fresh web design is extremely cool & Ward's people have been very generous with a few autographed items to promote it. On a side note I gotta say I'm totally excited about working with my childhood hero ( WOW! What an honor! ), here we go! The first winner is Deborah from Orlando, FL. Deborah please contact us so we can confirm your mailing address & get this wonderful book directly to you. Plus, thank you for entering the contest. You're really gonna love this book, it's GREAT! For everybody else who didn't win please don't be sad. We have a few more items to give away & Contest # 2 will be announced pretty soon. I know there were some people who didn't join this one because the book was meant to be for "Adults Only" & we had to restrict the age limit a little bit. But, our next event is gonna be a contest for EVERYBODY because the prize is gonna be a wonderful 8 X 10 photo of Robin, autographed by Burt Ward himself! That contest will be announced in a day or two so please don't enter until then. Also, since this contest is meant to promote the new site I wanna invite everybody to please check it out. If you're a fan of the 1966 Batman TV series then you're really gonna love it! Here's a link button:

CLICK HERE To Visit The Official Burt Ward Robin The Boy Wonder Website!!

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