Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BATMAN ART STATUE BUST ( The Dark Knight movie version )

On April 17th the Bat-Blog introduced you to an artist named MAX who lives in Bretagne, France. He's the guy who created & sculpted that "Life-Size Heath Ledger JOKER" Statue Bust. I'm showing it in the very 1st photo to jog your memory but the post is mainly about this other piece, The Batman! YES! Max has done another one & this one is Batman ( The Dark Knight movie version ) & it's just as incredible! Just check out the photos. This artist's work is totally insane! Max was kind enough to allow me to post these photos & I really appreciate that. I love sharing Batman news & other stories but seeing an extremely talented artist be inspired by the Batman character is just awesome. Thanks Max....we look forward to seeing MORE art from you soon!

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