Thursday, August 14, 2014

THE JOKER From Dark Knight Batman Movie ( Heath Ledger ) Life-Size Paper-Mache Sculpture

On a personal level I really love ART in just about all of it's forms, especially artwork made by children. It just has a very nice charm about it. Well, a friend to the Bat-Blog, named Adrian, recently went to an exhibit of "Little Kid's Superhero Art" & he got some amazing photos to share. Adrian wrote, "I went to a local mall last night to see some 3-dimensional life-size paper-mache sculptures. They were created by some 7th & 8th grade students of the Holten-Richmond Middle School of Danvers, MA. My girlfriend's cousins, who are in the 8th grade class, helped on a sculpture." WOW! These HUGE sculptures are really super-great! Because the Bat-Blog is ALL about Batman I am sort of showcasing the one of the Joker. It's the Heath Ledger version from the Dark Knight Batman movie ( which is kinda weird for little kids to be making, ha ha ) but they did a wonderful job on this figure! He looks awesome! There were also some pieces, equally as great, that focused on Marvel Comic Book characters. They made Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, Ironman, & Dr. Octopus! All the artwork here is really special & I wanna congratulate all the children on a job very well done! Also, I wanna thank Adrian for the use of these pics. Thank you, they're very cool!

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