Friday, August 22, 2014

George Barris-Inspired 1966 Batmobile Car Items

Batman has a lot of cars, jets, subs, & other vehicles. There are almost way too many to even mention! But if you ask a large group of people what their favorite car is then one of the top ones has got to be the 1966 Batmobile Car designed by George Barris for the '66 Batman TV Show. It will always be #1 because it's a Classic! Recently, I have come across a few "Bat-Car-Inspired" photos & decided to share them here. The 1st pic is of an actual "George Barris item" you can buy, not from me, but from his personal website. It's a 1966 BAT-CAR Lapel Pin made out of metal & when I last checked it was only $8.00, a great deal. The 2nd photo is of a fine art painting I saw on the Jonathan Levine Art Gallery website. An artist named M. Todd did this wonderful painting totally inspired by the famous TV car. I really like the primative, almost child-like, style of the art...very nice. The last photo is sort of a humor photo but it's also extremely cool because it's real. This is one of those little micro-mini eco cars that have been popping-up lately. This one has been totally customized to look like Batman's car! It's black, with classic red pinstriping, just like the Barris Car. Also, Ya gotta love those big-tailfins! Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed some of these pics, I thought they were cool. If you ever come across any great Batman-related photos then please send them in because sharing the love of the character & the collecting is what the Bat-Blog is all about!

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