Sunday, August 17, 2014

BATMAN Desktop Wallpapers: CORGI TOYS 1940 BATMOBILE CAR and 1966 BAT-BOAT!

(( Side Note: These pictures seen here can be used for desktop wallpaper )). One of the things I really love about doing the Bat-Blog is getting unexpected messages from Batman Fans who have some special angle on the character. Everybody seems to love the character for different reasons. For some it's the Movies, Comic Books, Toys, Animated Series, TV Show, Graphic Novel or Book, etc...and then there are the "Batmobile Fans"! They are totally CRAZY about the car! They love all the many different variations & eras. They love the "real cars", ones made custom for Movies or TV. They especially like the toy cars too! Here's a wonderful example: A Bat-Blog Reader recently shared some photos of a few cars in her Diecast Corgi Toys Batmobile Car Collection. In the 1st one we see the 1940 Batmobile. This car is one of my top favorites, very art-deco in design, beautiful. The other interesting thing about this pic is the use of the "Dick Sprang - Batcave Lithograph". Mr. Sprang was one of THE major artists of Batman's Golden Age! By accident, the same car is shown in this artwork depicting the early era of Batman. I like the ironic juxaposition here, kinda funny. In the next pic the art direction is pretty cool too. Basically it's a shot of the Corgi 1966 Bat-Boat ( from The '66 Movie! ) but the lighting is really harsh, like on a super-bright sunny day at the lake, & the boat is sitting near actual water. It kinda gives the scene an unusual amount of "fake realism"...but, very well done. Actually, they're great, thank you for sending them. If there are other creative people out there who have some Bat-Info, Pics, Art, Customs, etc...please send it!

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