Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Learning Spanish: Batman in the Latin American Culture!

One aspect of the Bat-Blog that I really enjoy is getting to meet people from all over the world who love the character. It's totally crazy to me how Batman is so popular all over the globe. I think that's neat. Now, one thing I like to do here every now & then is cover Batman-related news from other places but a lot of times I totally can't understand the language. Sadly, I only speak English & if a website or other information is in another language ( like German, Spanish, Japanese, etc...) then I'm screwed! It mainly happens when I talk about brand-new bat-merchandise ( Toys, Comic Books, etc ) I have found outside the USA. Now of course I don't mean for this to be offensive in any way. I'm just an idiot who only speaks one language, ha ha! Well, the other day a friend of mine who lives extremely far away sent me a wonderful list of a few "Batman Words" that are in Spanish. I thought it was pretty interesting so here it is ( Hey, You didn't know you were gonna learn something new today, did you? ):
  • Bruce Wayne is Bruno Diaz
  • Dick Grayson is Ricardo Tapia
  • The Joker is El Guason
  • Catwoman is Gatubela
  • Batgirl is Batichica
  • Gordon is Fierro
  • The Riddler is El Acertijo
  • Mr Freeze is Capitan Frio

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