Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Look at Batman's WEDNESDAY COMIC Newspaper By DC Comics

You might remember awhile back here at the Bat-Blog we announced a new format of comics that DC Comics is undertaking called "Wednesday Comics". Basically it's gonna be like a Large Newspaper with 16 pages, printed on broadsheet-size newsprint, featuring weekly stories by the best comic book creators out there. This example shown here of the "Batman Section" was written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Eduardo Risso. The artwork looks terrific & this whole "newspaper thing" sounds like a very cool concept. Now, DC Comics seems to be kinda vague right now as to the exact release date but keep an eye out because it should be arriving soon. When we get more information we'll let you know so please stay tuned to the Bat-Blog! ( Thanks Brian for sending the link ).

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