Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Very Cool Custom Batman Movie-Inspired Electric Guitar

Here are some really nice photos of a wonderful custom paint job for an electric guitar. It now has a "Batman Theme" that seems to have been inspired by the new THE DARK KNIGHT movie. It was made during the summer by a friend named Vince. I think it's pretty cool! On the front he painted a sunburst pattern with a Bat-Symbol Logo near the bottom. There is also a batsymbol on the back too. One thing to notice also is the very end of the neck was carved into a bat shape, a nice detail there! Overall it came out really great & is now a beautiful piece of art. The cool can play some serious music too! Thank you Vince for sharing these pics with us. You did an awesome job on this & you should be very proud. You ROCK, Sir!

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