Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jason's BATMAN Action Figures & Toy Collection!

I know this post has a ton of photos but I promise that if you look at them closely, one at a time, you'll see a lot of really cool stuff! These photos were sent in by a Bat-Blog Fan named Jason who has been collecting Batman Memorabilia for a little while , mainly carded action figures, but he has acquired an extremely excellent collection so far! Not only is the stuff he has pretty cool, but the job he does on displaying it is very nice, well done Jason. Thanks for sending us the pics. Now, I really like each & every item shown here but I gotta say my favorite pieces are the Mego Dolls & Super Powers Action Figures. I guess, mainly, because they remind me of my early years. I also love all the vintage comic books & posters too! You seem to be mainly focused on Action Figures, which is really great, but I like that you have some other items too like the Batman Board Game, Some Older Model Kits, & many Batmobiles...excellent! I want to invite all our readers to please share your collection photos. Sharing the joys of collecting is the main purpose of the Bat-Blog, thanks!

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