Friday, July 4, 2014

NY Yankee's Baseball Team ROOKIE HAZING DAY with Batman Costumes!

Last Sunday, September 20th, the New York Yankee's Baseball Team had their annual "Rookie Hazing Day". I guess it's some kind of tradition or something where they make all the Rookies do stupid stuff, ha ha. Sorry, I'm not really familiar with sports that much but I thought it was great that they made them all dress-up in Batman costumes for the special event!! Just to name a few players: Rookie Pitcher Mark Melancon was Batman, Rookie Shortstop Ramiro Pena as Catwoman, and another Rookie Pitcher, Michael Dunn, dressed as The Riddler. There is also the Joker, The Penguin, etc... But anyway, the costumes are really well done & I think it's fun that they did it. I like their team spirit. I kinda feel sorry for the guy who had to be Catwoman, ha ha. ( Thanks to Gino for sending the link ). For more information about the event & many more pictures to enjoy, please be sure to visit the WFAN website by clicking HERE!

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