Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Brolin Confirms He Was Almost Bat-Cast, Feels for Batfleck Reaction


Actors don't normally talk about the roles they don't get, but let's face facts, Batman is no ordinary role. The recent casting of Ben Affleck in Batman Vs Superman provoked a - ahem - strong reaction amongst fans, and when the news broke, a lot of people had their own idea about who should have been cast as the Dark Knight instead. One of that names that came up was Josh Brolin, but now Brolin is talking about his own brush with the cape and cowl, and why he does not envy Affleck the daunting task ahead of him.

While talking recently with The Huffington Post, Brolin said that he was indeed under some kind of consideration for the part of Batman in Zack Snyder's sequel to Man of Steel. "I didn't have conversations about it, but Zack, that was part of his idea," Brolin explains, downplaying just how close he was to actually being cast indicating that it was more a gauging of interest on Snyder's part.

"It just didn't turn out. It's okay. It is okay. You know, another scenario might have worked better, but I'm happy for Ben."

At the same time though, Brolin says that he knows the type of pressure that Affleck is under now, and it's a pressure that Brolin himself doesn't care for. "I feel for him, truly. I would not want to be him right now," said Brolin when asked about the bat-lash against Batfleck. "Because of the Internet, man, I just feel for anybody who gets lambasted at that level. I want him to kick ass and I want everyone to love it and kind of eat their words."

Of course such extreme armchair quarterbacking in the case of casting a superhero movie is not exclusive to either Ben Afflack or the Superman movies. It does raise a provocative point though, how many other actors have been tempted to play a part in a comic book movie, but thought twice because they don't want to get caught up in an internet hack and slash? Sounds silly, I know, but these are sensitive actor-types after all.

Josh Brolin will next be seen in theaters everywhere in Spike Lee's remake of Oldboy on November 27.

Source: Cinema Blend

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