Thursday, July 17, 2014

Silly Batman Birthday Cakes From Brazil!!

OK, now I know if I just published these photos of silly Batman birthday cakes then that alone would be kinda funny, or quirky, but there's also something else happening here. I got these tonight from a Bat-Blog Reader named Paulo who sent them because the Bat-Blog just recently celebrated it's 3rd year anniversary. That's great & I really appreciate that but the cool thing, for me, is that I learned something new. I asked him, "Why is Batman sitting on the cakes? That's ...kinda weird!". He laughed & just said that it's a Brazilian tradition. That a lot of kid's birthday cakes have this design. Wow! See, I never knew that & I learned something new about the world. I learned something new about another culture. I know this all seems kind of corny but I really love that! I think one of the things I like best about doing this blog is getting to learn more about the world as a whole & learning to love diversity. I'll admit I'm kind of stupid about some things & getting the chance to learn about other people & places is just a rare treat I never expected when starting this dumb blog. So, Thank You to Paulo for these great pics (they're hilarious!) and thank you to all the readers who have written lately expressing their appreciation for the Bat-Blog. It really really means a lot to me.

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