Thursday, July 3, 2014


The very split-second I saw this beautiful piece of BAT-ART I knew it had to be posted at the Bat-Blog, ha ha! I just recently met this guy named Dave who likes to customize toys. He loves the 1966 Batman TV Show & Movie so he likes to make toys that they never made back then...sort of like "fantasy toys". Shown here is a replica of the 1966 Batman Movie Bat-Copter for a Custom 12" Adam West Batman Figure. Now of course the Bat-Copter is in perfect scale for this doll because he really used the Vintage 1970's GI Joe Adventure Team Helicopter! Yes! The one you got in the "Search For The Stolen Idol" Play Set. Now, I had this exact GI Joe toy as a little kid & totally loved. I mean, I really loved this toy! In fact, this was probably one of my Top 5 very best childhood memories. So, as soon as I saw this custom toy, I knew what he used to make it!! Now, on to Dave's '66 Bat-Copter. I've posted a few additional photos of the original GI Joe AT toy & a photo of the original Bat-Copter from the 60's movie. Looking at then both you can sort of see how he worked out all the details. Then you'll realize how great his Custom Job really is! He's got all the colors down pretty accurate. There's a Bat-Symbol on the gas tanks, a bat-shape on the lower front windshield, the famous "Bat-Wings", etc...Great Job Dave & thank you for allowing me to share your photo with everybody. I know that many people will totally love this thing!!

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