Sunday, July 20, 2014

Larry Malott's BAT-MOUSE! An Idea For a New Batman Vinyl Toy!

Recently a Bat-Blog Reader ( David ) sort of introduced me to another artist named Larry Malott. Now I really appreciate that because this guy's work is AMAZING!! He is also very versatile as he likes to work in many different mediums. He draws, paints, does 3D computer graphics, sculpts statues, sews costumes, etc...this guy is almost insane, ha ha! ( Sorry Larry, I mean that in a good way ). For example, the 2 graphics shown here are of some 3D Model images he made. It's for an idea he has about some new vinyl toy he would like to make. It's name is BAT-MOUSE & I totally love it! Readers, please be sure to click on the small graphics up above for larger, more detailed, versions. The modeling is awesome & I love the retro silver age style of the bat-costume. In fact, when I asked him if that one picture was inspired by original Neal Adams' art ( because of the classic pose of the character ) he said, "YES!". He said he totally loves Adams' work & is even in the process, right now, of creating a "Neal Adams Style" Batman Costume. Now, I've seen some of his other costumes he has made so I know it will be totally great! I can't wait to see it!! ( Larry, You better send us some photos of it later, ha ha! ). I wanna thank both David & Larry for introducing me to this art. Larry has a lot of other artwork ( most non-Batman-related ) that is really great too & if you would like to see it then just click HERE!

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