Thursday, July 31, 2014

Funny Humor Photo: Dogs Dressed in Batman & Robin Costumes

I have a good friend who is known as "Weezee Mule" over at the 1966 Batman Message Board ( his real name is Mike ). It's a nickname he uses & every single time I read it I totally crack-up, ha ha! The other day he sent me some really wonderful photos of his personal Batman Toy Collection, which is completely insane ( there's a ton of great stuff ), & I plan on posting those later, but for right now I wanted to showcase one photo that was sort of different & kind of stood out on it's own. These are his 2 family dogs dressed up like Batman & Robin! I love the expression on their canine faces. They seem sort of embarassed a little bit, ha ha! But they look pretty cool in their outfits & the photo is extremely funny. Now, I did mention he has an awesome toy collection & I'll be sharing those later. You won't want to miss those so please be sure to visit us again real soon for those. Also, I wanna thank Mike for sending all the great pics, I really appreciate that Mr. Weezee Mule!

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