Friday, July 4, 2014

Bat-Blog Contest WINNER OF THE BATMAN MUG & JOKER TEETH Announcement!

Alright, today is September 21st & it's time to announce the winner in the latest Bat-Blog Contest! First I wanna thank all the readers who entered, WOW! There was a lot of response to this, that's awesome! Second, I wanna thank The BATFAN for donating these very cool prizes. Without his generosity there might not have been a contest, ha ha! But seriously, thanks to BATFAN, he ROCKS! I gotta say...entries came in during the entire duration of the contest which was unusual because we even got some in the last hour or so, very cool! So, last night, just after midnight, I placed a HUGE amount of numbers in a Batman Lunchbox ( yeah, I totally geeked-out this time ), shook it up real good, & randomly picked this lucky winner! The winner, of the Beautiful Ceramic Batman Coffee Mug & Arkham Asylum Joker Wind-Up Teeth, is... Scott B. of Cornith, TX. WOW! Scott, You Won, you're a WINNER!! Scott, please contact us soon so we can confirm your mailing address & then we will get these lovely prizes to you as quickly as possible. Now, a message to everybody else. Please be sure to check with the Bat-Blog, daily, because we will always have contests going on & you won't wanna miss them. I mean, I love doing these wacky contests so much that there will be another one very soon, ha ha!

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