Wednesday, July 30, 2014


OK KIDS! It's "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" again & it's time to present some Batman-themed Wallpapers you can use to brighten your desktop or use as a background in your MySpace layout. Both of these were generously contributed by 2 good friends of the Bat-Blog who also happen to be extremely talented graphic artists too! Their names are Chris Mason & Sean Hartter. Chris did the 1st one which is an original drawing he did of Adam West from the 1966 TV Show. It's totally wonderful! The crisp clean line are really sharp & this thing almost looks like a photo, very realisitic. The 2nd one is just as great & with this one Sean imagined "what if.." the 1989 Batman movie was released during the Victorian era? What would the advertisement poster for the film look like back then? Well, here it is!! I love the total "vintage look", it's very interesting, & a totally original idea too. Right now I wanna thank both of them for sending in such cool stuff. Thanks guys! If there are any other readers who would like to contribute then, hey, just contact us today...thanks again!

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