Monday, June 30, 2014

BATMAN BACKGROUNDS: Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

Here at the Bat-Blog we post 2 exclusive Batman Wallpaper Backgrounds every Wednesday! This week I am pretty proud to say that 2 of these were sent in by Bat-Blog Readers. ( Oh yeah, I guess I should also say that we are posting THREE WALLPAPERS this week! ) They both did the art themselves. The 1st one was done by our friend Sean Harrter. It has a distinct style that I can not express right now. It looks sort of like a handbill or an advertisement from the 16th Century. Or maybe not, sorry I'm having a hard time explaining it but it looks awesome! The 2nd one, with the 1989 Batman Movie image, was done by a new contributor named Andrew. He said this took about 8 hours to draw. He actually drew it with some computer program. Of course it is the Michael Keaton ( Tim Burton Style ) Batman. The 3rd wallpaper was made by me from some artwork I randomly found on the web. The subject matter came about because of a Bat-Blog Reader's request for Clayface. So, here it is with a really nice pencil drawing of Batman & Clayface in battle. Now, I have a few other Clayface Wallpapers that I will post after I get permission from the artists. For now, I wanna thank everybody for helping this week! If anyone else has some requests for a certain character then please let us know. Also, if you have some graphics you made that you would like to send to use as wallpaper then that would be great too!

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