Saturday, June 28, 2014

Custom ROBIN Batman Action Figure By John

Followers of the Bat-Blog might remember awhile back we showcased a few Batman Custom Action Figures made by our friend John. Well, he just sent us another photo of a recent design project. He made this Custom Robin Figure. Now, I was kinda curious about how he made it & this was his reply:
Robin uses a DC Infinite heroes Shazam head, Indiana Jones Mutt Williams torso and upper arms, Microman lower arms, Namor Superhero Showdown waist, SHS Human torch legs, and a whole lot of time with the Dremel and apoxy sculpt to shorten the legs and re-sculpt. Also a Kubrick Robin was used for his bat-belt.
Wow! I was kinda shocked it took so many different figures to make this one Robin, ha ha! But John did a very excellent looks extremely cool! Thank you John for sending the photo & we look forward to seeing your future creations!

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