Saturday, June 21, 2014

The BAT-FAMILY Batman Costume Photo Shoot!

Last Halloween our good friends Dallas & Daria went to a fundraiser event dressed as Batman & Catwoman. They also dressed their son Xander as Robin, The Boy Wonder! The costumes were really awesome but the cool thing was that they had their family portrait done by a Professional Photographer. Here are the pics: The 1st one is sort of a regular family snap shot but it's so cool because they're all in costume. Now the 2nd one is my personal favorite because it's a little more creative & very cute. Daria is holding her son up in the air & he's laughing while Dad is proudly looking up at him, very sweet & a clever composition. I think when Xander gets to be a lot older he's going to really cherish all these photos. The last one is pretty good too. It's sort of an "action shot" where everyone is a little more dynamic. Overall they're all really great & so are the costumes. Thanks to the "Bat-Family" for sharing these wonderful photos, Good Job!

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