Thursday, June 12, 2014

Marvin Law's Special BATMAN KIDS STORY Comic Book Artwork

The 3 Batman Comic Book Pages you see here were a part of the CAPMA Promo Awards event. They offered a custom comic book story as a prize during the intermission. These were drawn by our friend Marvin Law who said, "It was an interesting challenge to draw a short story that was finished in just 3 pages, and featured no violence whatsoever." That is cool! Thanks Marvin for the update & sending the nice pics. Yes, the artwork is really great & I like how the entire story is told with NO words. The pictures just speak for themselves...great job! ( Readers, be sure to click on the above pictures for larger versions ). Bat-Blog Fans, if you would like to see some more amazing artwork by this talented artist then be sure to click HERE!

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