Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cool Batmobile Toy Collection From Taiwan & a Batman Japanese Magazine

I know the title for this post is kinda lame. I know I'm suppose to come up with something funny or extremely clever but I'm just not in the mood this morning, OK? ha ha! So, let's get right to it. Recently the Bat-Blog made a new friend in Taiwan named Jerry. Right off the bat he sent us some amazing pictures of Batman Fandom from the other side of the world. OK, I know the Internet has been around for almost 3 decades now but I'm still amazed ( like a Caveman ) about the quick & easy communication with people from anywhere on the globe, it's like magic...I love it! Anyway, Jerry's a nice guy & really into Batman, so that's cool. The 1st pic is a display of some of his favorite Large-Size Toy Batmobiles. You have the Batmobile from the later Animated Series, the Tumbler from The Dark Knight movie, the car from Batman: The Animated Series ( I've always totally loved that car ), the Tim Burton movie car, the Futuristic Flying Batmobile from Batman Beyond, & one of the Vehicles from a later Joel Schumacher Film, Batman Forever. AWESOME!! It's really cool to see them all together like this! Plus, it's a very nice collection. Now the next group of 3 photos is a Japanese Magazine owned by Jerry. It looks like the main cover story is all about the incredible Dolls, Toys, & Action Figures made by HOT TOYS for the DARK KNIGHT movie. I can't read any of this, ha ha, but visually it looks so great & I really love it too! They covered the Christian Bale & Heath Ledger Figures, the Bat-Pod Motorcycle, the Giant-Size Tumbler Vehicle, & some misc ( mainly the Joker Art Bust ). Thanks Jerry for sending all the wonderful pics!! Readers, I will be posting more later so stay tuned for that ( he sent some GREAT stuff ). If there are any other Bat-Fans out there who want to share some of their favorite pieces in their Bat-Toy Collections then please be sure to send us some pics today. Our email button is always on the top right-hand side of this page.

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