Wednesday, June 18, 2014

These Geeky Engagement Photos Hit Close To Home [Featured]


Fashionably Geek's own Amy Ratcliffe got engaged recently to Love And Capes creator Thom Zahler and, as a friend of both I can confirm that it's a match made in geek heaven. Then again, when a man proposes to you inside of a TARDIS owned by steampunk store Clockwork Couture with a Nenya engagement ring by Badali Jewelry, you're pretty much guaranteed to make any geek say "awww."

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But wait, it's gets better! The couple did an engagement photo shoot to celebrate and share their happiness with their friends and family. Photographer Rachel McCauley did a phenomenal job catching Amy and Thom in their element and all of their geek love glory.

From shots at Amy's favorite comic book shop House of Secrets to park photos that were both silly and serious, this photo shoot shows the many things that bring the couple together and even gives a tongue in cheek look at their differences.

Thom's a Star Trek fan, Amy's more Star Wars, but they are all geek and adorably so. There were lightsabers, phasers, fashions from Her Universe, comic books, and lots of smiles and kisses.

I also love them both to pieces and asked for permission to post about them. So, thanks Amy & Thom for letting me gush over you a little bit. I send you a million kisses.










You can see more photos at Rachel McCauley's blog.

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