Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gerry's JOKER Costume ( The Dark Knight Movie - Heath Ledger Version )

Since Halloween is over, & many people didn't get dressed-up until then, we have been getting a few photos from Bat-Blog Fans who wore costumes of their favorite Batman characters. That's awesome! Like, just the other night we got these cool pics from our friend Gerry who became The JOKER this year. He chose the "Heath Ledger" version from The Dark Knight movie. Both the costume & make-up are extremely well done but the neat thing was he went to a party that had a Professional Photographer. I like how you guys sort of replicated some famous movie images. Like, when Heath ( as the Joker ) removed his Bank Robber Mask, that's pretty neat. The image with the Joker Playing Card is also a nice tribute. Thanks to Gerry for sending these in. I know a lot of people are gonna really like them.

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