Monday, June 9, 2014

BATMAN & CATWOMAN Drawings by Art Baltazar ( TINY TITANS Artist )

We got to meet an extremely Famous Comic Book Artist recently named Art Baltazar! I mean, in real-life, in-person, not on the internet, ha ha! Art was visiting Oklahoma City ( where I live ) to do a speaking event at a local University on "The Magic of Comics". Later, he did a book signing ( & drew some awesome drawings ) at NEW WORLD COMICS, a local comic book shop. He's the creator & artist of TINY TITANS, a DC Comics title for children. He's the main artist of that comic book & it's always a lot of fun. Meeting him was kinda cool. In person, he's a very nice guy & very funny. He told me about how he has a hobby of customizing 8" Mego Dolls. He likes to make Superhero Characters that Mego never made. I've seen a small part of his collection & it's really neat. He also drew us a few sketches ( shown here ), which was pretty cool! For Kandye, he drew Catwoman ( Modern day version ) & he made me a drawing of Adam West as Batman. It's funny, all the artwork he did that day he would write the proper name of that character. Like, Catwoman's "real name" is Selina. The artwork was done with a Black Sharpee Pen & then he would color it with Crayons. It sort of replicates the look of his Tiny Titan's art. I wanna thank Art Baltazar for the awesome drawings he made for us & I hope to meet him again. His art style is very clever & if YOU would like to see more of his work then you can do so by clicking HERE! Also, be sure to keep reading TINY TITANS!!

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