Sunday, June 1, 2014

Leon's ADAM WEST BATMAN COSTUME DISPLAY Gets a Beautiful Wall Mural!

Hey Bat-Fans, Remember awhile back we posted a few shots of a cool manikin our friend Leon got to display his Custom Adam West Batman Costume? Well, it looks like he extended that project & decided to paint a giant-size Wall Mural has a backdrop! Oh man, it's really cool & they did a great job on it. Basically they used a scene from the animated opening credits of the Classic 1966 TV Series. It's the graphics of Gotham City with the Bat-Signal in the sky. How cool is that!! Here's a few "before, during, & after" shots. Just check out the pics showing it completed, it's great!! Now, Leon has an even cooler Bat-Cave! This is something I wish I had the space for ( Yes, I'm Jealous! Thanks to Leon & Family for sending the fun pics )

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